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Love Triangle: Georgina/Seth/Roman initially

Annoyed that someone else has beat them to the game, Lupin and Jigen pursue the gorillas out of the ballroom, and are amazed to spot them driving away in a pink jeep. A car chase ends when the thieves corner the gorillas in a dead end, only to find the jeep and apes have disappeared without a trace. Confused, the ... Leia Mais »

while the reader, through D’s perspective, sees that the

The craft projects an artificial gravity source above it and shifts it forward, thus allowing the craft to counteract gravity and move forward. The tech is still in its infancy. During the first trilogy, the tech is mainly used to build a new type of evacuation helicopter. Jukes, Ltd., is also secretly developing a new type of asteroid mining drill ... Leia Mais »

Celebrity Survivor: The Midnight Riders

Battle in the Rain: The appropriately titled “Hard Rain” campaign forces players to fight off zombies in a raging storm. The Big Easy: The game’s campaigns chronicle the survivor’s trip to the last evacuation zone in New Orleans, culminating in their escape from the overrun city in The Parish. By the Lights of Their Eyes: Zombies and the Witch. Celebrity ... Leia Mais »

“Ann and I have been recreational and medical users of

Heroic Sacrifice: Latrell towards Marcus!Tiffany. He got better since he survived the shot. Hot Scoop: Intrepid Reporter Denise Porter is always on the lookout for one of these. What Measure Is a Non Human?: Samus wonders why killing aliens makes her a hero but killing humans makes her a psychopath.”You see a lot of strange things as a bartender, see ... Leia Mais »

Sometimes it feels like every second sentence in the story are

Most likely this was caused by Alcohol Induced Idiocy on the part of people who tried to provoke him. Bash Brothers: The Barbarian, Earthquake, Rikishi Battle Cry: “HEE YUUUUUH!!!” Breakup Breakout: From the Islanders and the Faces of Fear. Bullying a Dragon: There are many real life stories that illustrate how terrifying this guy was when things got weird. In ... Leia Mais »

Government Agency of Fiction: The Monster Control Bureau

Gorn: Few people/things just die in Monster Hunter International, mortal or otherwise. Government Agency of Fiction: The Monster Control Bureau. Guilt Free Extermination War: The vast majority of the undead fall into this as they fall under the “humans are tasty” clause. Many other creatures do as well, like fishmen which like to lay eggs in live human beings. While ... Leia Mais »

Saw Guerrera’s Partisans have been causing so much trouble for

Kill ‘em All: Every major female character, at least Kissing Under the Influence: The object of the young Sulimon Canto’s affection winds up kissing (and more) her lamia roommate while under the effect of Canto’s Love Potion. Love Potion: As a student, Suliman Canto slipped a love potion disguised as perfume to the object of his affections. His plan backfired ... Leia Mais »

Altum Videtur: As all good Catholics of the day would have done

In “Possession”, she claims to “go away” and not remember her experiences at such times. Played with when it comes to Brona/Lily. While at first it doesn’t seem like she remembers anything significant from her previous identity, she eventually reveals that she’s been faking the whole time. Altum Videtur: As all good Catholics of the day would have done, Vanessa ... Leia Mais »